Sour Plum Jam (with pits left in)

I sent Toni a garden care package in a pretty basket...and she sent the basket back to me filled with a treasure...Santa Rosa sour plums! I washed and measured them - 8 cups!

I kept some to ripen for Dave and I to eat...oh yes...

I put the canners on to boil. I put the plums in the jelly pot, covered and brought them to a boil.


See how easy they are to mash after boiling? Leave the pits in. So much flesh sticks to them and let's be honest, half the experience of eating a plum is sucking every last sweet and sour morsel off the pit. Leave them in so as not to waste a bit of goodness. I removed the pot from
the hot stove and let it cool a bit before adding the calcium water - 4t. for 8c. of fruit.
Then I put the empty jars to boil in the canner for 10 minutes. I put the jam back on
the stove. I stirred together the sugar and pectin. Added it to the boiling fruit stirring constantly so the pectin did not clump up. I added 2t. pectin. I like it soft set.

Do this: Add 4t. calcium water to the cooled fruit.


Mix: 2t. pectin with 2c. sugar. Slowly pour into boiling fruit stirring constantly for 3 minutes.




I have three precious jars. I have one for myself. I gave one to Goran from Divino today. I have one precious jar left...what will I do with it?