Thanksgiving Waffles

Are you wondering what to do with your leftover Thanksgiving Stuffing…? Do this!

Thanksgiving Waffles
¾ cup Gluten free or Regular Pancake/Waffle mix
2 eggs separated
½ t. vanilla
1 T. bland oil (Grape Seed or Avocado is good)
½ cup buttermilk
½ cup water

1 cup leftover cooked stuffing – ours included Turkey Sausage, Mushrooms, onions and celery along with the seasoned cornbread stuffing base mix.
Put the Pancake mix into a bowl.  Add egg yolks, vanilla, oil, buttermilk, water and stuffing mix and stir it up.
Beat the egg whites to soft peaks.  Gently add to waffle mix in broad strokes until mixed through being careful not to deflate the whites too much.
Heat the waffle iron and use a pastry brush to paint each side with melted butter.  Fill the waffle iron with mix, our Belgian Waffle Iron takes about ¾ cup of mix each.  Bake until light indicated doneness.  We like them crisp, so we put it on #5.  If you want to make them and reheat, they do very well in a 350 oven and reheating in the toaster is even better.
Put a fried egg on top of each waffle for ‘the works’.  And don’t forget to try my favorite syrup…Alaskan Birch Syrup…it’s a wow