Corned Beef and Cabbage and Wow…


Dave and I were shopping in Smart and Final. We saw a packaged seasoned corn beef with no nitrates or nitrites. I grabbed it along with an organic cabbage and came home. Here is what I did:

I put the corned beef with all the seasonings into a pot with an onion, 2 pieces of celery with the leaves, a turnip and two carrots. I added water which just covered the contents.

I covered the pot and simmered on low for 3 hours. I added a sliced potato with the skin and 15 minutes later I added the sliced cabbage for 10 minutes longer. After it cooled I drained it and put it on a platter. Dave ate it that a boiled dinner with mustard on the side. He loved it.

This is what I did:

I toasted a piece of Rye bread . I slathered it with my favorite mustard. Then I started building, first grated Swiss cheese right on top of the hot toasted rye bread. Then the boiled cabbage, then thinly sliced corn beef, then parsley and cilantro. Then I cut it in half pressed it together and waited for Dave and my camera. We took the pictures and then we started eating. What can I say? It was the best Reuben ever.


I coarsely chopped the leftovers, then put them into the food processor bowl. I gave it a generous few pulses until the meat, the vegetables, the cabbage and seasonings were coarsely chopped. I heated some oil in our big skillet, and fried it up. When it was nicely browned on the bottom, I made a few indentations and gently added the eggs. I covered the pan and cooked for 3-4 minutes, until the eggs were still runny but cooked through. Voila! The most wonderful fresh and lovely corned beef hash ever…