Fresh Picked Deep Dish Boysenberry Pie with Less Than One Cup of Sugar? Oh Yeah….


3 cups flour
6 T. sugar
½ t. salt

Whirl together in food processor, then put grating blade in the food processor and grate into the flour:

20 T. frozen butter
Replace grating blade with whirling mixing blade and add:
Two eggs
Mix until dough comes together.  Do not over mix.
Divide dough into two disks.  Roll out dough for bottom crust.  Spray pie plate with Pam.  Line pie plate with crust and pinch rim to stand up.

4 cups of freshly picked and washed boysenberries
¼ cup minute tapioca
⅓ to ½ cup sugar – depending on your sweet tooth and the tartness of your berries.
Mix together and let sit while you are preparing crust.  When pie plate is lined with crust, pour filling in.  Roll out top crust and pinch rim together the way you like.  I like to use a fork to mark the rim of the crust with impressions from the tines.
Place on baking sheet and cut decorative vents into top of crust.  Bake at 375 for 1 ½ hrs*.  Voila!  Summer in a pie…Dave likes it with little scoops of Hagen Daas Vanilla… *HINT: I always use a metal rim protector.  If you don’t have one cover rim of crust with aluminum foil.